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Jay Katari – Recycling Electronics Is Easy

Only a few decades ago the “problem” of electronics ending up in the landfills was not really a big deal. But as consumer electronics improve and become more affordable, the need to upgrade to the next level and buy the newest iPhone for example, is all consuming. As millions of consumers and office workers discard older computers, printers and mobile devices into the trash – our landfills literally become clobbered with non-degradable devices. And guess what, most of these old devices can be recycled.

The good news is that many of your cell old phones and other electronic devices can either be refurbished and sold at more affordable rates; donated to schools and charitable organization; as well as recycled (with parts used for newer equipment).The problem is that many of us have no idea what to do with our old mobile phones, computers, printers and other electronics. So, here are some tips on how to find organizations to help you recycle your electronics:

Do your homework:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends to visit: for organizations in your community that recycle electronics. There are a few other helpful resources available to learn more about ecycling:

Donate and Deduct

Many businesses that want to off-load old electronics (such as older PCs and mobile phones) can donate and receive tax deductions.

Delete Before Recycling

Prior to donating or recycling your cell phone, there are a few things you need to do to protect your privacy and make sure you don’t get billed for someone else’s phone service – and if you don’t know how – call or visit your local mobile provider for help:

  • Terminate your service

  • Clear the phone’s memory and other stored information

  • Get rid of the SIM card (EPA recommends to cut it in half)

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